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400-408 Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann, (M.A., PhD Fuller Seminary School of Intercultural Studies) is Senior Scholar at the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (, with campuses in both Jerusalem and here in Los Angeles, an organization whose mission statement is, "Teaching and Living a Vision of Jewish Life Renewed in Yeshua."  Stuart is also the Rabbi of Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue in Beverly Hills (, and he's currently working on a book entitled Converging Destinies: Christians, Jews and the Mission of God.

413-423Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann

428-437Mark Mittelberg, author of the DVD and 8-week workbook entitled Faith Path: Helping Friends Find Their Way to Christ – with the goal to help Christians engage others in spiritual conversations.  It's a natural follow-on to his previous book entitled Choosing Your Faith.  Mark goes through the six primary "faith paths," and shows how to dialogue with each one.  In a sense, it's "Epistemology for Dummies," or how to understand the various theories of truth.  They are:  1) Relativism ("truth is relative"), 2) Traditionalism ("my parents believed this…", 3) Authoritarianism ("because the Book says so," e.g., Islam), 4) Intuitionism ("I just listen to my heart"), 5) Mysticism (e.g., Astrology, Ouija boards, the Book of Mormon, etc.), and 6) Evidentialism (the most reliable path to truth is through logic and evidence).  You can get Faith Path at  Today we talk about do's and don'ts of sharing your faith with family and friends around the Christmas holiday.  Mark's advice:  1) Go with a sense of expectancy, understanding our partnership with the Holy Spirit.  2)  Be willing to initiate the spiritual conversation by maybe sharing your spiritual experience with the Lord, or maybe why this Christmas is special for you personally.  And be authentic while doing so.  3)  Listen, don't just talk.  4.  Remember you're an ambassador for Christ, it's not your responsibility to save anyone, it's the Lord's – your responsibility is to be a faithful witness.

443-452 Mark Mittelberg

458-508 June Hunt, is the CEO and Founder of Hope For The Heart (, a worldwide ministry with a two-fold mission: providing Bible-based counsel to renew minds, heal hearts and bring hope to the hurting, while also empowering Christians to disciple others.  Her show, "Hope in the Night", airs midnights here on KKLA.  She's written numerous books, including the popular devotional, Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes as well as Caring for a Loved One with Cancer, which comes from her own experience as a cancer survivor.  Her latest book is Keeping Your Cool…When Your Anger Is Hot.  June is also an accomplished singer, who's been on NBC's Today Show, toured with the USO, and been a guest soloist with the Billy Graham Crusades.  We talk about dealing with anger-inducing people during the holidays.  Anger comes from four sources: hurt, injustice, fear, or frustration.  June suggests for those struggling with anger, to make an "anger bowl" with their hands and make a burnt offering to God, giving it to Him.  If we're struggling with anger, she suggests we ask two questions:  1) Can I change it?  2) If you can't change it, then release it.

512-523June Hunt

528-538Larry Arnn, has been the president of Hillsdale College ( since May of 2000.  Among his many accomplishments:  he was Director of Research for the official biographer of Winston Churchill, Sir Martin Gilbert of Oxford University;  he's earned a Ph.D. in Government from Claremont Graduate University under the world's foremost Lincoln scholar Harry Jaffa (1985), and he was the wonderfully successful president of The Claremont Institute ( from 1985-2000.
Larry Arnn is responsible for creating more American patriots, more conservative statesmen, and for molding more wonderful individuals than any man I know.  He gets the blame, or the credit, for challenging this evangelical Christian to study government and political philosophy, and for introducing me to both the books and the men that have so deeply impacted and enriched my life – I owe him a great deal.
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• Larry Arnn, Imprimis (December 2009) Education, Economics, and Self-Government.

544-554Larry Arnn

555 [2:00] Let's check in now with the pros over at Applied Financial Planning, "The Money Guys" Robert Micone and Bill O'Connor at 866-SEEK-COUNSEL.  (1) "Robert, I understand you're getting a lot of calls regarding Roth Conversion... tell me about it."  (2) "Do you have to pay the tax now?"  (3) "How can the listeners find out if they qualify for this program?" –– Get the independent, unbiased advice you're seeking on your investments & retirement planning from the pros in the investment world here in Southern California for decades, "The Money Guys" – Robert Micone & Bill O'Connor – at Applied Financial Planning, by calling 866-SEEK-COUNSEL or visiting them on the web at
558-608Steven & Shannon Wright, Steven is one of my former pitching students, we started lessons when he was just 10? Years old, and today, he's preparing to start his fourth year in the Cleveland Indians organization.  Last year, he was 10-0 with a 2.32 ERA for AA Akron.  He just got back from playing winter ball in Venezuela.  They got married Nov 1, 2008 in her hometown, and they now live in Goodyear, Arizona, the new spring training home of the Indians (and Reds).
612-623What was your favorite childhood Christmas present?  Mine was a purple Schwinn Sting Ray with a spring front fork, I was 7 years old and it was Christmas 1965, and it was stolen the next day…yours?  Shannon's was pink Barbie roller skates when she was 8, and Steven's was a Sega Genesis game console.  Even today, he still plays video games, he's "wrighty32" on Call Of Duty.
• Hugh Ross, Reasons to Believe (12/01/02) The Christmas Star.
• Gregory Zuckerman, WSJ (12/21/09) Fund Boss Made $7 Billion in the Panic.
In this comeback year for investors, David Tepper may have scored one of the biggest paydays of all.
Mr. Tepper's hedge-fund firm has racked up about $7 billion of profit so far this year—with Mr. Tepper on track to earn more than $2.5 billion for himself, according to people familiar with the matter. That is among the largest one-year takes in recent years.
Behind the wins: a bet worth billions of dollars that America would avoid a repeat of the Great Depression.
Through February and March, Mr. Tepper scooped up beaten-down bank shares as many investors were running for the exits. Day after day, Mr. Tepper bought Bank of America Corp. shares, then trading below $3, and Citigroup Inc. preferred shares, when that stock was under $1. One of his investors insisted more carnage loomed. Friends who shared his bullish beliefs were wary of aping his moves amid speculation that the government was about to nationalize the big banks.
"I felt like I was alone," Mr. Tepper recalls. On some days, he says, "no one was even bidding."
The bets paid off. A resurgent market has helped Mr. Tepper's firm, Appaloosa Management, gain about 120% after the firm's fees, through early December. Thanks to those gains, Mr. Tepper, who specializes in the stocks and bonds of troubled companies, manages about $12 billion, a sum that makes Appaloosa one of the largest hedge funds in the world.

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