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(:48) PO short. President Obama speaks out Monday 12/28/09 from Hawaii regarding Christmas day terrorist plot attempt.  Says the suspect has been criminally charged with attempting to blow up an airplane [not for terrorism?]
(:37) 1 short Lauer Napolitano, regarding her comment that the "system worked" AFTER the incident discovered, i.e., that the security protocols were implemented within 60 to 90 minutes.
(:23) 2 short Lauer Napolitano, says that the system did not work to PREVENT the incident.
The attempt by 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab follows the alleged murders in Ft. Hood, Texas by Islamist-inspired Major Nidal Hasan in November. Brian Jenkins, who studies terrorism for the Rand Corporation, says there were more terror incidents (12), including thwarted plots, on U.S. soil in 2009 than in any year since 2001. The jihadists don't seem to like Americans any better because we're closing down Guantanamo.
This increasing terror tempo makes the Obama Administration's reflexive impulse to treat terrorists like routine criminal suspects all the more worrisome. It immediately indicted Mr. Abdulmutallab on criminal charges of trying to destroy an aircraft, despite reports that he told officials he had ties to al Qaeda and had picked up his PETN explosive in Yemen. The charges mean the Nigerian can only be interrogated like any other defendant in a criminal case, subject to having a lawyer present and his Miranda rights read.
Yet he is precisely the kind of illegal enemy combatant who should be interrogated first with the goal of preventing future attacks and learning more about terror networks rather than gaining a single conviction. We now have to hope he cooperates voluntarily.
544-554 – • WSJ (12/28/09) Al Qaeda Group Claims Bomb Attempt.  Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).
• WSJ (12/28/09) A Primer in PETN.
PETN, the explosive that nearly doomed Northwest Airlines Flight 253 in Detroit on Christmas Day, is a white powder that can deliver powerful blasts in quantities as small as tenths or hundredths of a pound.  It does not ignite by flame.  A syringe and PETN are very difficult to detect with X-ray equipment commonly used at airport security checkpoints.
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, [AB-DULE-MU-TALL-AH] charged with the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Northwest Airlines flight 253, told FBI agents there were more just like him in Yemen who would strike soon.
And in a tape released four days before the attempted destruction of the Detroit-bound Northwest plane, the leader of al Qaeda in Yemen boasted of what was planned for Americans, saying, "We are carrying a bomb to hit the enemies of God."
Yemen has become a principal al Qaeda training ground and the accused suicide bomber told the FBI he was trained for more than a month in Yemen, given 80 grams of a high explosive cleverly sewn into his underpants, undetected by standard security screening.
"They know that this is a weakness and an Achilles' heel in our airport security system," said ABC News consultant and former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke.
// Law enforcement authorities say tragedy was averted only because the bomb's detonator did not work.
// Abdulmutallab led a life of privilege as the son of a prominent Nigerian banker. He lived in an upscale neighborhood in London, attended top boarding schools and a London college.
// Explained Clarke, "The kind of person, who's being radicalized increasingly in the U.S. and in Europe, are people who are sons of the middle class, the upper middle class, sons of well educated families, people who have radicalized at long distance over the Internet."
The suspect's father was so concerned about his son's radicalization he actually alerted the U.S. embassy in Nigeria that his son could be a threat to America.
Abdulmutallab was put on a terror watch list, along with 550,000 others, but he was not put on the no-fly list and his U.S. visa, which he obtained a year and a half ago, was not revoked. He used the visa to board the flight to Detroit Christmas morning
• The Sun (12/28/09) Bomb plotter: 'More like me.'
FAILED plane bomber Umar Abdulmutallab has bragged to FBI agents that there are more young men plotting to launch attacks on the West.
The 23-year-old Nigerian has told security chiefs of a sinister network in Yemen who are ready and waiting to strike.
The reports come after The Sun revealed that cops fear that 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners.
The fanatics, in five groups, are now training at secret terror camps in Yemen.
It was there London-educated Abdulmutallab prepared for his Christmas Day bid to blow up a US jet.
The British extremists in Yemen are in their early 20s and from Bradford, Luton and Leytonstone, East London.
They are due to return to the UK early in 2010 and will then await internet instructions from al-Qaeda on when to strike.
A Scotland Yard source said: "The great fear is Abdulmutallab is the first of many ready to attack planes and kill tens of thousands.
"We know there are four or five radicalized British Muslim cells in the Yemen.
"They are due back within months when they will be under constant surveillance."
The 25 suspects, of Pakistani and Somali descent, were radicalized in UK mosques.
Some had been to university and studied engineering or computer sciences.
Others were former street gang members.
Special Branch monitored them as they flew to Yemen, in the Middle East, from British airports in the spring and summer.
In almost every case, their tickets were paid for in cash and bought less than a week before travel.
The source added: "Imams would have promised them rewards in heaven for becoming suicide bombers prepared to kill Westerners."
// Today Alan Johnson confirmed Abdulmutallab had been refused a new visa and placed on a watch list last May after applying for a bogus course.
// A US couple on the flight, Kurt and Lori Haskell, said they saw a tall, well-dressed man aged about 50 with Abdulmutallab on Friday morning at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.
The Haskells have claimed the man spoke for Abdulmutallab and attempted to get him aboard Northwest flight 253 without a passport.
Investigators believe the suspect was radicalized before he went to Yemen, sources told Fox News. According to one source, Abdulmutallab traveled to Yemen sometime near the end of last year or early this year. He was there for several weeks or months, and investigators believe Abdulmutallab was "vetted for the mission" while in Yemen. 
Investigators are still working to confirm whether the suspect was trained in Yemen and received explosive material there. Of the device, one source said it's "very likely that it did" come from Yemen.
The suspect also traveled within the last year to England, the Netherlands, and one other unnamed European country, Fox News has learned. He was also in Nigeria and Togo. One source said he "bounced around a bit."
Evidence collected shows that Abdulmutallab also was a "big fan" of radical imam Anwar Al-Awlaki, as Web traffic shows Abdulmutallab was a follower of Awlaki's blog and Web site
So far no evidence has been revealed that the two exchanged e-mails or talked one-on-one. Awlaki is an American born in New Mexico, now living in Yemen, and is the same imam from whom alleged Fort Hood shooter Malik Nidal Hasan sought spiritual advice.
Awlaki was reported to have been killed in an air strike by Yemeni forces last week, but it is now unconfirmed whether he is one of the 30 extremists killed.
• Victor Davis Hanson (12/27/09) Learning From Abdul Mutallab.
2) For the last eight years, many have patiently tried to suggest that the answer to "Why do they hate us?" does not entail poverty, Western imperialism or colonialism, support for Israel, past provocations, etc. Rather, radical Islam encourages in an Hasan or Mutallab age-old passions like pride, envy, and a sense of inferiority — all accelerated by instantaneous communications and abetted by continual Western apologetics that on a global level blame Westerners for self-induced misery in many Islamic countries. "They did it" is far easier than looking inward to address tribalism, gender apartheid, statism, autocracy, religious intolerance, and fundamentalism, which in perfect-storm fashion ensure an impoverished — and resentful and angry — radical Islamic community while the rest of the world moves merrily on.
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• AP (12/28/09) Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray Calls: What is your experience with GPS?  Did you ever have it lead you astray?  What's your greatest lost story?
(4:41) PO full.  President Obama speaks out Monday 12/28/09 from Hawaii regarding Christmas day terrorist plot attempt.
(3:43) Matt Lauer interviews Janet Napolitano (NBC TODAY @ 12/28/09) regarding her comment that the "system worked" AFTER the incident discovered, i.e., that the security protocols were implemented within 60 to 90 minutes.
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