Wednesday, July 22, 2009

400-408Carl Moeller, President/CEO of Open Doors USA (, an affiliate of Open Doors International founded by Brother Andrew, and their mission is to support the persecuted church around the world – which they've done for the past 54 years.  Their 350 employees work in 20 offices around the world and minister to persecuted Christians in 45 countries.  Their 2009 Watch List lists those countries where Christians are most persecuted.  Carl is with the Christian Motorcyclist Association in West Virginia, a huge funder of Open Doors.
413-423Frank Turek, founder of (that has tons of great resources and videos), and author of Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone and I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist.
• Frank Turek (7/15/09) Country a Mess? Blame the Church.
428-437David Rosales, pastor of my home church for the past 18 years (1991), the 10,000-member Calvary Chapel of the Chino Valley (, celebrate their 28th Anniversary this Sunday.
438 [1:30] Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor aka "The Money Guys" at Applied Financial with 5 offices around the southland, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
443-452Susan Fries, "the termite lady" owner of ECOLA Termite & Pest Management Services (, 800-332-BUGS), helps me with my ant problem.
458-508David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders (, on how the current health care bill will provide for federal funding of abortion, overturning the Hyde Amendment passed in 1976.  He'll be speaking this Sunday at Calvary Chapel South Bay ( at all four morning services, 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 10:45AM, & 12:30PM, on how to use history and God's word for greater impact.
• Government run health care can be stopped by you!  We need every KKLA listener to sign our "Free Our Health Care Now!" petition at, and forward the petition to at least two friends!  Over 550,000 have done so already, and we want to get to a million!
• The petition reads:  "I, the undersigned citizen of the United States, petition the US congress to stop any increased role of the government in my health decisions.  I also petition the US congress to protect my right to choose my own doctors and hospitals without delay or denial, to obtain care that is patient-centered, and to have health insurance that is personal, portable, and best suits my needs."
512-523(:20) From the CBS Early Show 6/25/09, Jerri Gray is the mother of a 555 lb. teen, talks about whether what she has done constitutes child abuse.
(:40) Jerri Gray's attorney, Kim Varney (male), talks about the precedent this case may set on a CNN video story posted on 7/22/09.
• Amanda Platell, Daily Mail (7/10/09) Letting fat children eat junk food is child abuse.
• NY Daily News (7/22/09) Is child obesity abuse? Court to decide if S.C. mom Jerri Gray neglected 555-pound, 14-year-old son.  Is having a morbidly obese child evidence of child abuse?  What about a child with a life threatening eating disorder such as anorexia?  What about parents who let their kids engage in dangerous sexual behavior? 
628-638Single moms, how can we as the church help you?  Men's groups, shame on us for allowing their need to go unanswered!
644-652Calls.  Christ Church of the Valley has a wonderful single moms ministry!  (, 626-859-0161).

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