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400-408 – • Breitbart (4/13/09) Teen piracy suspect raises legal, moral issues.  The four pirates were between the ages of 17 and 19, three were killed by Navy sharpshooters, the fourth surrendered and is being held pending determination of where he will be tried.  Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama is safe, they were carrying relief aid to Somalia.  Last year, piracy resulted in 889 crewmembers being taken hostage, 32 being injured, and 11 killed.
A lingering question, what is the international community doing to fight piracy?  Why did we have to act "unilaterally" like a Cowboy (aka Bush) to get Phillips back?
The Maersk Alabama, a container ship carrying food aid for Somalis, was attacked far out in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, but its 20 American crew apparently fought off the pirates and regained control.
Phillips volunteered to go with the pirates in a Maersk Alabama lifeboat in exchange for the crew, said Vice Admiral Bill Gortney, commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command.
"The actions of Captain Phillips and the civilian mariners of Maersk-Alabama were heroic. They fought back to regain control of their ship, and Captain Phillips selflessly put his life in the hands of these armed criminals in order to protect his crew," he said in a statement.
Joseph Murphy, whose son, Shane, was Phillips's second in command and took over the Alabama after pirates left with Phillips, said in a statement read by CNN, "Our prayers have been answered on this Easter Sunday."
"My son and our family will forever be indebted to Capt. Phillips for his bravery. If not for his incredible personal sacrifice, this kidnapping -- an act of terror -- could have turned out much worse."
"The captain is a hero," one crew member shouted from the 17,000-ton ship as it docked in Kenya's Mombasa port under darkness on Saturday. "He saved our lives by giving himself up."
U.S. action would come as new approaches to fight piracy have emerged over the past seven months. In August, countries increased ship escorts and naval patrols around the Gulf of Aden, site of most East African attacks. In December, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed an anti-piracy resolution.
The UN measure allowed for attacks on pirate land bases and led to the formation of a 28-nation group that has met twice since January to coordinate diplomatic, legal and military efforts.
"Everyone is trying to water their own tree rather than looking at the whole forest," said Yonah Alexander, co-author of the soon-to-be-published "Terror on the High Seas: From Piracy to Strategic Challenge." "The international community doesn't have a coherent, holistic strategy to deal with this."
Current military efforts have had limited success, security analysts said. In January, the U.S. formed Task Force 151, which uses ships, helicopters and Marine Corps snipers to thwart piracy in the region.
In February, the task force prevented pirates from seizing two vessels. It also responded to the seizure of Phillips' vessel, the Maersk Alabama, which is operated by Maersk Line, the Norfolk, Virginia-based U.S. unit of Copenhagen-based A.P. Moeller-Maersk A/S.
About 25 warships from the European Union, the U.S., Turkey, Russia, India and China have concentrated their efforts to protect the Gulf of Aden.
In response, the pirates have moved south and further out to sea.
The capture of the Maersk Alabama, which was hijacked 500 miles south of the Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean, shows the futility of concentrating security forces solely at sea, said Neil Livingstone, chairman and chief executive officer of Executive Action LLC, a Washington-based anti-terrorism consultant for businesses.
"It's a massive area," he said. "You can't patrol all of it."
The region Somali pirates operate in is equal in size to the Mediterranean and Red Seas combined.
A fourth pirate was captured, and we hope the Justice Department tries him under U.S. laws rather than transfer him to Kenyan control. Better still if he's transferred to Guantanamo and held as an "enemy combatant," or whatever the Obama Administration prefers to call terrorists. Reuters quoted a pirate it called "Hussein" yesterday saying that "The French and Americans will regret starting this killing. We do not kill, but take only ransom. We shall do something to anyone we see as French or American from now on." This may be bluster, but the U.S. will reduce the chances of it happening if pirates know they risk death or spending their lives in a U.S. prison.
Self Identify as "Christian":  91% in 1948, 77% in 2008
As "Non-Catholic Christian": 69% in 1948, 55% in 2008.
As "Roman Catholic":  22% in 1948, 22% in 2008.
As "No Religious Affiliation": 2% in 1948, 12% in 2008.
• Terry Paulson (4/1309) Put Your Bet on God over Newsweek. Terry Paulson, PhD is a psychologist, award-winning professional speaker, author of The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have, and long-time columnist for the Ventura County Star.  From the article:
Bridging to Muslims worldwide, President Obama replied at a Turkish press conference, "One of the greatest strengths of the United States is, although as I mentioned before, we have a very large Christian population, we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens."
// The next time President Obama welcomes Muslim leaders, I'd hope he'd change the script in his tele-prompter: "Just as you value your Muslim heritage and faith, we as Americans celebrate our Judeo-Christian heritage. For our rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness come not from Presidents or legislators, but from God. It's our Christian values that have driven us to extend those freedoms to others, even if it means sending our young men and women to defend Muslim citizens in Bosnia and to free Muslims from tyranny in Iraq. It's that same freedom in America that allows our Muslim citizens to freely exercise their faith without fear of persecution. We are not at war with Islam; we ask you to not be at war with Christians or Jews. We want to work with you and other responsible members of the international community to extend religious freedom to citizens throughout the world."
We deserve presidents who are proud of our country. As a Christian himself, I'd hope that President Obama could both affirm his own faith and proudly honor America's Christian majority for supporting equal rights for other faiths. Diplomacy requires gentleness and respect; it doesn't require discounting our own history and core values.
As for the demise of the Christian faith, I'd put my bet on God sticking around longer than any magazine or newspaper!
(2:05) JD Culture War.  James Dobson gave a farewell speech to his staff recently and talked about loss in the culture war from (2/27/09).
428-437 (2:47) TW on Obama.  Tara Wall of the Washington Times talks on Howard Kurtz's show Reliable Sources on CNN Sunday night 4/12/09 regarding Obama and "throwing Christianity under the bus."
• Meghan McCain (4/13/09) A Gayer GOP.
I am a woman who despises labels and boxes and stereotypes. Recently, I seemed to have rocked a few individuals within my party by saying that I am a pro-life, pro-gay-marriage Republican. So if anyone is still confused, let me spell it out for you. I believe life begins at conception and I believe that people who fall in love should have the option to get married. Lest we forget, our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, grants the same rights to everyone in this country—"All men are created equal." If you think certain rights should not apply to certain people, then you are saying those people are not equal. People may always have a difference of opinion on certain lifestyles, but championing a position that wants to treat people unequally isn't just un-Republican. At its fundamental core, it's un-American.
At the end of the day, speaking at the Log Cabin Republicans' convention isn't just about reaching out to the gay community—although I believe doing so is vital to the future success of the party. It's also about reaching a wider base and redefining what it means to be Republican, and leaving labels, stereotypes, and negativity by the wayside. That more and more people are discussing gay rights speaks positively for the millions of young and progressive Republicans waiting for our party to return to its roots. Personal freedoms are what makes this country the greatest country in the world. And just like the civil-rights and feminist movements before this, the movement toward gay equality and gay marriage is one I have absolute faith will triumph over prejudices. Moreover, I believe the Republican Party has, at this moment, the opportunity to come forward and play an instrumental role in securing gay rights. That's why I'm speaking at the Log Cabin convention and couldn't be prouder to be doing so. And yes, I'm still a Republican. Get used to it.
• Politico (4/12/09) Rick Warren explains cancellation.
• One News Now (4/8/09) Rick Warren disavows support for Prop. 8.
• One News Now (10/24/08) Rick Warren endorses Prop. 8.
(2:42) Rick Warren on Larry King Live Monday night 4/6/09 saying he never endorsed Prop 8.
• (:11) RW LKL short.  The short clip from the above cut.
(2:12) RW endorse Prop 8.  Rick Warren endorses Prop 8 on 10/24/2008.
• (:10) RW Prop 8 short 1.  Short clip 1 from above.
(:14) RW Prop 8 short 2.  Short clip 2 from above.
443-452 – • New Scientist (4/12/09) Praying to God is like talking to a friend.
458-508David French, head of the ADF Center for Academic Freedom (, 1-800-TELL-ADF), the only litigation unit of its kind dedicated to fighting for freedom on campus, on the Julea Ward case at Eastern Michigan University.
512-523David French
528-538David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders (, on today being Jefferson's birthday (4/13/1743), and how he too had to deal with pirates back in 1801-05.
• Lowell Ponte (4/13/09) Jefferson Birthday Should Be Holiday.  Lowell Ponte is founder and chairman of the Jefferson's Birthday Committee.
544-554David Barton.
(2:05) JD Culture War.  James Dobson gave a farewell speech to his staff recently and talked about loss in the culture war from (2/27/09).
53% of all American adults prefer capitalism, 20% socialism, 27% aren't sure.
37% of American adults under 30 prefer capitalism, 33% socialism, and 30% are undecided.
49% of American "30-somethings" prefer capitalism, 26% socialism.
Adults over 40 and investors strongly favor capitalism.
Over 90% of Republicans favor capitalism (11-to-1 margin).
39% of Democrats prefer capitalism, 30 prefer socialism.
Undecideds favor capitalism 48%, and socialism 21%.
558-608Jerry Bowyer, economist, nationally-syndicated columnist, CNBC contributor (
612-623 Jerry Bowyer.
628-638Phil Cooke, he is a Hollywood producer with a Ph.D. in Theology.  Christianity Today calls him a "media guru," and his e-mail newsletter, Ideas for the Change Revolution, is a bi-monthly journal filled with media research, creative concepts, and production resources and his blog at is considered one of the most insightful resources on issues of faith, culture, and media.  Through Cooke Pictures (, here in Burbank, Phil advises many of the largest and most effective non-profit and faith-based media organizations in the world, and speaks at workshops, seminars, and conferences all over the world.  He's lectured at universities like Yale, Berkeley, and UCLA, and is an adjunct professor at both the King's College & Seminary, and Biola.  Phil's latest book is entitled The Last TV Evangelist:  Why The Next Generation Couldn't Care Less About Religious Media… And Why It Matters.  Phil is hosting the Biola media conference coming up April 25.
644-652Phil Cooke.  How is the lack of true intimacy in this Twitter-Facebook age an opportunity for Christian media?
658-700 – Assistant Nate with an American Idol update!  And, we invite you to enter his contest:  pick the five finalists by Tuesday April 21st at midnight and win a chance to come on our show!  Details at
• Ari Fleischer (4/12/09) Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes: It's bad for our democracy to exempt half the country.  Mr. Fleischer, a former press secretary for President George W. Bush, is president of Ari Fleischer Communications.
• George Will (4/12/09) Racing Past the Constitution.
(5:46) DP Gay Marriage.  Dennis Prager came on the CNN show Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz and debated with gay activist John Aravosis about the priority or non-priority of Gay Marriage in the media and in the lives of Americans.
(:06) DP short.  A short Dennis Prager clip from the above conversation.
(:04) JA short.  A short John Aravosis clip from the above conversation.
(1:19) MJF LKL 3/9/09.  Michael J. Fox went on the Larry King Live show Thursday 4/9/09 discussing embryonic stem cell research and Obama's involvement in lifting the ban on federal funding.
(:16) MJF short.  A short clip from the above conversation.

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