Tuesday, March 3, 2009

400-408David Barton, founder and president of Wallbuilders (, on the attacks against Christianity in America.
413-423David Barton
428-437Mark Gungor, senior pastor of Celebration Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin, author of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage (, and "starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers?"  His television show airs Thursday nights on TBN, for details go to
443-452Mark Gungor
• Mark Gungor (2/23/09) Is an Affair Really Love?
458-508Jerry Bowyer, nationally-syndicated columnist, CNBC contributor (, and chief economist for the Benchmark Financial Network (,
512-523Jerry Bowyer,
528-538How is this economy impacting your family's spiritual life?  Is it drawing you closer to the Lord, or pushing you further away?  Do you feel the temptation to return to Egyptian slavery, or are you eager to risk entering the Promised Land?  If you were meeting with Screwtape and Wormwood in the Satanic High Command, how would you suggest destroying the spiritual life of Christians?  Can you name anywhere in history when faith in God grew at the same time as dependence upon the state?  Are Socialist countries more or less religious?
Ron Blue's core biblical financial principles are:  1) Spend less than you earn,  2) Avoid short term debt (i.e., credit cards), 3) Build savings into your plan, 4) Set long term goals, and continue to give to the Lord,  5) And remember, do give because it reminds us that God owns it all.  For more info, go to
608 [1:30] Robert Micone/Bill O'Connor aka "The Money Guys" at Applied Financial with 5 offices around the southland, 866-SEEK-COUNSEL, and online at
612-623 Calls
(:34) Letterman: 'Bonehead' Limbaugh Looks Like 'Eastern European Gangster'.
Does Obama want Rush Limbaugh to succeed?  Republicans?  Conservatives?  Evangelicals?  Does he want you to succeed? 
• Chicago Sun Times (3/3/09) Ken Starr vs. transsexual in Prop 8 case.
Kenneth Starr and Shannon Minter, lead attorneys in the California Supreme Court case that will decide the fate of same-sex marriage in the state, are as different as the competing sides they represent.  Starr, dean of Pepperdine University School of Law, is best known for leading the inquiry into President Bill Clinton's affair with a White House intern.  Since then, the former federal judge and U.S. solicitor general has dedicated himself to conservative causes, including writing briefs for the Mormon church in a previous gay marriage case in California.
Minter, legal director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco, is a transsexual who spent his first 35 years as a female. He was a lead counsel in the state Supreme Court case decided last May that allowed same-sex couples to marry, a ruling that was reversed in November when voters approved Proposition 8.
• Dick Morris (3/3/09) It's Obama Spreading Panic.
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