Monday, June 16, 2008

Marriage "has a unique place in God's creation, joining a man and a woman in a committed relationship in order to nurture and support the new life for which marriage is intended," said the bishops in a statement released today. "The meaning of marriage is deeply rooted in history and culture, and has been shaped considerably by Christian tradition. Its meaning is given, not constructed."
Who will be the first same-sex couple to marry in L.A. County?  Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, who on Valentine's Day 2004 were denied a marriage license at the Beverly Hills Courthouse and challenged that rejection all the way to the California Supreme Court. Their license, to be issued in Beverly Hills, was given an exception "in recognition of their unique role in the court's decision," said acting Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Dean C. Logan.
Yesterday the Church of England was investigating the "wedding" of the two gay priests in defiance of church rules on such ceremonies.  Bishops have turned a blind eye to discreet services of blessing for gay couples but the wedding-style blessing service for the Rev Peter Cowell, a London hospital chaplain and priest at Westminster Abbey, and David Lord, a priest from New Zealand, could force the Church to act.  The service was described as very grand, with an orchestral Mass, but appeared to be an act of provocation by deliberately using as much wording from the Prayer Book order of marriage as possible. Many senior clergy were among the 300 guests.  The Rev Martin Dudley, who presided at the ceremony, said that he had not consulted the church guidelines and strongly disagreed with them.
What will be the cultural impact of same-sex marriage?  On the rate of marriage?  On out of wedlock births?  On illegitimacy?  According to the actual impact same-sex marriage has made in the nine countries where it has been legalized, there will be only about 2% of same sex couples getting married, and fewer total marriages resulting in a 46% increase in out of wedlock births.  This will lead to more fatherless families, more dropouts, more unskilled workers, more drug and alcohol abuse, more crime, more prison overcrowding, new and longer cycles of poverty, and in our attempt to mitigate these predictable results, and we will grow bigger and bigger government through higher and higher taxes to pay for it all.
458-508Richard Santiago with our Metro News Network is "live" at the Los Angeles County Clerk's office in Beverly Hills where the first gay marriage license will be issued and gay marriage ceremony will take place at 5:01pm this afternoon.  Robin Tyler and Diane Olson will be the gay couple getting married.  We will observe a moment of silence for marriage in California at 5:01pm.
512-523Jack Hibbs, senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills (, has been on the front lines of the battle to save marriage in California and he prays with us today for the state of California and the institution of marriage.  To find out how you can help save marriage in California go to (
528-539Dave Barton, president and founder of Wallbuilders (, on the hundreds, maybe thousands of gay marriages that will be performed in California starting this week.  David tells us that the average same-sex marriage in the nine European countries that have legalized gay marriage lasted only 18 months with 8 extramarital partners during that time frame, while there was a resulting decline in the total number of marriages, with out of wedlock births skyrocketing up 46%.
545-554Dave Barton,
558-608Dudley Rutherford, senior pastor of the 10,000-member Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch (, as well as their 2 main and satellite campuses, is heard on KKLA Sunday's at 9:00am, will talk to us about gay marriage and pray with us for the state of California and the institution of marriage.
612-623Anthony Esolen, professor of English at Providence College in Rhode Island (, and senior editor of Touchstone Magazine, (, talks about his new book The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization.
628-639Jim Garlow, senior pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego (, has been on the front lines of the battle for traditional marriage in San Diego ( and he will pray with us for the state of California and the institution of marriage.   Jim has organized a strategy meeting for pastors and churches in 50 different locations across the state for Wednesday June 25th at 10am.  To participate, go to  He's also organizing a 40 day fast beginning on 9/25 and ending 11/1, just before the election.
• Protect Marriage San Diego, June meeting information.
644-655Jordon Lorence, senior counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (